Overview of the department of psychiatry

The department of psychiatry was established in 1928 by Professor Yushi Uchimura. It had been passed by professors Taiji Okuma, Toshimi Ishibashi, Nozomi Suwa, Itaru Yamashita and Tsukasa Koyama. The current representative is Prof. Ichiro Kusumi, who assumed the position in 2012.

It marked its 85th anniversary in 2013, having produced more than 400 psychiatrists. They nowadays contribute to psychiatry in clinical and research fields all over the world.

In May 2004, our department hosted the 100th anniversary conference of Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Our motto is "No hurry, but no rest". It has energized the all of members and brought about substantial results.

We are endeavoring to treat patients from the viewpoint of the psychodynamic and biological psychiatry according to our clinical philosophy.

This has lead to a number of achievements related to the pathophysiology and treatment of psychosomatic disease and neurosis.

We have taken social therapies such as daycare, occupational therapy, visiting nurse in advance among university hospitals. It expresses our practical stance to emphasize the balance between clinical practice and researches.

Moreover, we actively perform consultation liaison activities related to psychosocial problems accompanied with highly advanced medical treatments such as transplantation or palliative medicine, and are expected to play an important role in holistic medical care in the general hospital.

The department consists of four research groups including schizophrenia, mood disorder, clinical psychopathology and clinical neurophysiology groups.